Walking Stick Shanks or Shafts for Stick Makers Now In Stock

Make your own walking stick using the handle of your choice with our
straightened shafts or shanks. All of our new shanks are fitted with a metal
ferrule and are ready to be drilled and a handle connected.

Choose from hazel, chestnut, beech, blackthorn and maple wood shafts.
Some have the bark attached and some are turned smooth. The turned
maple and beech shafts also have brass collars already attached as well
as the metal ferrules. So, depending on whether you want to make a smart,
formal looking cane or a rustic country walking stick we have a good
selection to help you on your way.

If you want to make lots of walking sticks then take advantage of our bundle
prices. The shanks in the bundle selections have all been grown, selected
and coppiced locally (near the city of Cambridge). They have then been
stored in a dry shed for two to three years and then steam straightened and
cut. These shanks do not have metal ferrules attached, it is just the shanks
you are buying. These shanks are of excellent quality and look amazing
when the stick is finished. The stick maker who prepares these, selects,
coppices and straightens them is an engineer and a perfectionist and he
uses the shanks to make walking sticks designed to last a lifetime, at least!

We can also source twisty hazel, blackthorn and ash shanks but these are
quite rare. The twist is caused by honeysuckle or ivy climbing around the
tree and as they grow together the honeysuckle or ivy gets thicker and
thicker and the tree beneath it becomes twistier and twistier. These shanks
look excellent on a walking stick because they are natural and amazing.

If you have any comments or suggestions or you can supply us with dried,
straightened shanks for stick making then please contact us via the website.

To go and have a look, please click on the following link: walking stick shanks.