Stick Making Reading List

The internet is such a brilliant resource (whatever did we do before Google?) that you can find hundreds of blogs, articles and website all about the art of stick making.
If you prefere to read the printed word, then there a lots of good books out there on the subject.
Here is a brief guide to a selection of books for stick makers available to but on Amazon:

Stickmaking Handbook, Stickmaking: A Complete Course (Master Craftsmen) and Stickmaking: A Complete Course by Andrew Jones and Clive George (7 May 2009). These book have had many good reviews with comments such as; good pictures and clear instructions.
Wooden Tops: Guide to Carving Walking Sticks by Roy Griffin (May 1996). From the review of this book its sounds like a an inspirational and creative book about hand carving your own walking stick, could be a good present for somebody interested in stick making…
Make Your Own Walking Sticks: How to Craft Canes and Staffs from Rustic to Fancy by Charles R. Self (1 Sep 2007). This book sounds like a good all-rounder. Nice images, step by
step instructions and ideas for projects.

The Craft of Stickmaking by Leo Gowan (27 Oct 2000). This book was written by a professional stick maker who also wrote “Stickmaking”

MAKING WALKING STICKS FOR A HOBBY by David Dawson (2000). This guide was written by an engineer turned retired, stick-making hobbyist. It sounds very thorough and interesting.

There are quite a few more out there! Try searching for “carving”, “woodwork”, “Whittling”, “wood craft”, “stick making” etc, etc…