Stick Making Kits. Make Your Own Walking Stick

Build your own walking stick with our ready prepared stick making kits.
Fancy making your own walking stick? Try one of our ready-turned, ready-straightened and ready prepared stickmaking kits today.

You don’t need any special tools as all of the parts in the kits have been prepared for each stick so that all is required is to bond the parts together. Then it’s just the finishing. You can either polish, oil or varnish the stick and the handle to give it the desired finish.

Each kit is supplied with full instructions as well and if you have ANY questions or suggestions please do contact us via the website.

All of the component parts are locally sourced in Britain and handmade and hand turned in Britain too.

The various kits available are for a wooden hiking stick, a deer antler thumbstick, a blackthorn stick and a rare twisty hazel wood stick.

These kits will make excellent Christmas presents for young or old, habitual wood workers and complete novices.

Make Your Own Walking Stick
Make Your Own Walking Stick