Customize your Walking Stick

For all the Artistic people out there why not get some Paintbrushes out and get creative with your Walking Stick. Anyone that watches the TV Series “House” would have seen Dr Gregory House’s (Hugh Laurie) own array of Walking Sticks such as this one with cool flames along the side of it as seen here. walking-stick-housesmall.jpgThe possibilities are endless, you could make it Autumnal by painting leaves on it or a Wintery one with Snow, paint your name on it or a loved ones name, dedicate your stick to a Musician you like, there’s a million designs you could do, give it some thought. However if a Paintbrush isn’t your friend then you could instead ask a friend or a relative if they wouldn’t mind designing and/or painting your Walking Stick for you. You will need a water based gloss enamel paint and something to hang your stick to so you can paint it easily without smudging it. After you have finished painting it get a lacquer spray to seal the paint and to stop your beautiful art from being damaged. So go ahead and personalize your Walking Stick. Have fun Painting!