Can Anyone Make one of These Walking Sticks?

We have had a request to make a walking stick like this famous one below:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Walking Stick
Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Walking Stick

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a famous engineer (1806 to 1859) best known for building the Great Western Railway. He also built bridges, ships and railway stations.

The walking stick he carried folds out into a track gauge. The man really loved the railway!

The type of gauge of the walking stick track was the pioneering broad gauge of 7ft. The Great Western Railway was unique in using this size gauge and the whole of the network in the 1830s/40s was built using broad gauge. Brunel changed the face of Wiltshire and the South West and was at the cutting edge of engineering and design. Brunel controlled the whole design process and construction of the Great Western Railway and it is likely that he took this walking cane with him when inspecting the newly built lines.

The Great Western Railway fought hard to keep the broad gauge, but uniformity prevailed and the gauge was eventually changed to the standard gauge of 4ft 8 1/2 inches in 1892.

If you fancy making one of these walking sticks or if you know anyone who can, please contact us today.