Buy a Pretty Floral Walking Stick for your Mum for Mother’s Day 2017

Your mum will love one of our folding handbag walking sticks this Mother’s Day. We have a large selection of different designs to suit all tastes. Choose from pretty florals or polka dots to cool stripes and modern designs. A folding stick is a perfect “spare” stick to keep in a handbag or in the car to use on the hoof.

Peacock Pattern Folding Stick

With a stock of over 900 different sticks, its not just folding sticks to choose from.

We have ladies Derby handled walking canes with wooden shafts or aluminium height adjustable ones. These are also available in some great designs. Tartans, florals, butterflies and more.

M-Geh420 Walking Stick

Height adjustable sticks are a good choice if you are unsure of the correct height needed and they are a good spare stick to have around.

Crutch canes and collectible sticks are other good sellers. If your mum loves owls for example, we have 3 different owl sticks to choose from. Crutch canes are like Derby canes, only the handle is a little smaller and shorter.

Or maybe Swarovski walking sticks would go down well. We have a large selection of these too! Each cane has an arrangement of crystals on the shaft or handle or both! Everybody likes a bit of bling now and then.

Swarovski Crutch Handled Walking Stick

We carry our own stock and 95% of orders are despatched the same day for delivery in one to two days. Please call or email us if you have any questions or request a printed catalogue through the website for you or your mum to browse through at your/her leisure.

It’s funny how Mother’s Day has become another event on the British retail calendar when it started out so differently. Mother’s Day used to be a celebration where Christians would make their way to the biggest church to give thanks, so nothing to do with mothers!