Owl in Stag Antler Carved Walking Sticks

 Owl Antler Topper Carved Walking Sticks
Carved Owl Antler Topper Walking Sticks

Handmade Owl Stick

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? These walking sticks have red stag antler handles that have hand carved barn owl faces in the crowns. These first two commissioned by us actually have personality and character, they are truly amazing.

Trudy says, “How do I make them?
It’s a case of simply going with the natural grain of the antler crown. Sometimes, I can ‘see’ the animal or bird in there already. I have no advance plan as every antler carves very differently.
Everything is hand carved and hand filed to get the overall shape, I then burn in the small details to accentuate them. Once that’s done, I drill and insert carefully chosen handmade glass eyes.
When I’m happy with the carving and detail, I clean the antler crown, then polish with 3 different grades of polish to seal and protect the carved antler.”
When these two are sold, we will be buying them to order, so allow 4 weeks for delivery. Please also request the ideal height you would like your walking stick to be.
Most sticks we sell are about 91cm or 36 inches in height. To determine the correct height, stand up straight with your arms flat to your sides and measure the distance from the ground to your wrist. This is the height you need. It may be easier to have someone help you to do this or make a mark on a wall to measure if you are on your own.