Get £2 off your walking stick order at

If you have already bought a walking stick from us before, you will know that they are great value for money, even with the postage! However, you can get a further £2 discount with us by using the following special code when you get to the checkout online.

Just enter code “bargain” in the promotional code box at the checkout and then click apply and you will see the £2 instantly deducted before you buy.

This code is valid for the whole year, up until December 31st 2008. Minimum order value of £15.00 applies.

Also, we have reduced the prices for all of our folding walking sticks from £21 down to £16.99 for some and even less for others.

Quantity discounts are also available on request.

Self-defence with a walking stick

Pensioners have been taught to use their walking sticks in self-defence by a martial arts expert. Karate black belt Kevin Garwood, 58, is teaching the moves to the over-60s in his home town of Gorleston, Norfolk.Mr Garwood’s pupils learn simple strangleholds, arm locks and throws with their sticks.“What I am not trying to do is make grey-haired ninjas – what it does is give them tremendous confidence,” Mr Garwood said.

An eldery pupil has already put Mr Garwood’s training into practice – she fought off two boys who grabbed her arm and her handbag.

However she reported her self-defence to the police because she was worried she may have injured the boys.

New Hiking Poles

We have added a few more hiking poles to the range, including the very sought-after Leki poles.  We have added; a floral, green, red, a cork handled green hiker and the Leki poles. All of the new hiking sticks are lightweight, have a shiny metallic finish, are height adjustable and have comfortable handles, wrist straps and two different tips.

Prices start at £18 or £31 for a pair.

Our lightweight hiking poles are perfect for country walkers, but are also ideal for people who need a walking stick but who don’t want to buy a walking stick! Please click on the following link to have a browse through the new hiking sticks (and the original range too)