New Walking Sticks Added in April 2017

Besides the newly finished ram’s horn and buffalo sticks, we have added twelve other walking sticks to the site this month.
We have got four special thumbsticks, some unusual handmade sticks, two collector’s canes and three orthopaedic handled walking sticks.

They all fill in gaps in the collections. For example, there is a new Fischer handled black height adjustable stick that is neither folding nor wooden, but aluminum and height adjusting. This is generally what we like to do, offer as many different variations as possible to try and please everybody!

The other Fischer handled stick is also aluminium and height adjusting with a wood effect, textured handle. The black one also has a textured handle for a better grip.

Textured Handle Fischer Stick

The four thumbsticks include; one rare one-piece blackthorn wood thumbstick, two twisty hazels and one very long thumbstick – either for someone very tall or it can be shortened to any height required. The blackthorn one has a very dark purple/black bark and is a fine specimen.

Rare Blackthorn Thumbstick

Of the two other handmade sticks, we have a short market stick and an antler roll handled stick with a leather lanyard. Both of these sticks will be exactly what somebody is looking for.

Another orthopaedic cane is the extra tall (102cm) long wooden canes with shaped left and right amber effect handles. We got these canes in by request from a customer who wanted more choice in the extra long section.

The new blackthorn Derby cane with Derby style wooden handle, replaces the soon to be discontinued 37J blackthorn Derby. We still have a few left in stock so snap them up quick if that’s the stick you really want.

For the two new collector’s canes, we have got a Henry VIII and a Duke of Wellington.

Henry Eighth Walking Stick

We also have just one 83cm blackthorn knobstick, the handle of which has been carved from a large block or blank as they call it in the trade. This could be used as a short knob stick or it could be shortened and used as a shillelagh as the handle is quite large (6 x 7cm).

Blackthorn Knobstick