New Site Just Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new site with some new walking stick additions…come and take a look!

We have added lots of new sticks, including some amazing handmade ones and a nice new way of purchasing your favorite walking stick.

The sticks have also been grouped into some useful categories and pages so hopefully you can find what you are looking for with ease. For example, you can now shop by height (height adjustable, short, standard, tall, etc), you can shop by material (all wooden, metal with a wood handle etc), handle type, use and general product.

Handle type groups sticks together with the same handle, i.e Derby, crook and so on. Use (such as daily use or occasional dress use) and general product groups the sticks into their main categories, such as country sticks, handmade, fancy or accessories). we think this will make things easier to find the perfect stick for you or if its for a gift.

Please tell us if you spot anything you think needs to be changed!