Walking Stick Modifications

Looking for a particular walking stick, at a particular height with a particular ferrule? Then look no further.. At www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk we can modify any of the sticks we supply in-house (usually the same day) and send it out to you just as you wanted it.

For instance, most of the wooden hiking poles have plain, flat metal ferrules but we can change this for a spiked ferrule if you like. Or, most of our crook walking canes are supplied with a rubber ferrule only, but we can change this for a nice shiny brass one if you like.

There is no extra charge for this. All we ask is that you email us with your precise requirements straight away so that we can deliver exactly what you want.


Get a Hand Carved Replica of your Pet for a Walking Stick Handle

We now offer a special bespoke service to have your pet’s head hand carved in wood to go on top of a walking stick of your choice. The handle is painstakingly carved by hand using photographs sent to us as a guide. Then it is hand painted and mounted onto a walking stick shank.

For the shank, you can choose from a turned beech wood, natural chestnut or hazel. Then there’s the option of a copper, brass or nickel collar with or without a name, date or some initials engraved into it.

The gentleman who makes these beautiful walking sticks, trained as an engineer so he likes to make things perfect and fully functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Carving work like this takes hours and hours, but the result is amazing and you will have something to cherish forever.

The lead time for this work is typically between 4 and 6 weeks.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The photo below is a current stick being made for the owner of Oscar the dog.

Hand Carved Walking Stick Handle
Hand Carved Walking Stick Handle of a Dog Made to Order

New Engraving Service for Walking Sticks

We are happy to be able to offer our customers an engraving option for some of our walking sticks. If the walking stick has a metal collar (most do have a brass collar) then it can be engraved with up to 15 characters, so perfect for a name or special number or code.

This service is £18 and can be paid for by clicking on the following link Walking Stick Engraving. You can specify what you would like to be engraved and the style of font. For example a traditional font like Times Roman will be suitable for a retired policeman and perhaps something more flowery for a mother’s day present.

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please allow and extra 3 days for delivery.

Here’s a stick we had engraved last week, very neatly done.

Example of Walking Stick Engraving
Example of Walking Stick Engraving

Pyrography For Walking Sticks

The term means “writing with fire” which sounds so exciting!
Pyrography is the art of decorating wood or leather objects by burning with a special hot tipped pen. It’s like a soldering iron but with a choice of tips for different effects and writing.
Pyrography is great to do on any wooden walking stick as you can fit more on than you could having an engraved collar, you can cover the whole stick if you like!
We work with one skilled stickmaker who can do pyrography work so if you would like a motif or a name burnt onto one of our sticks or your own stick then please contact us.

It has come to our attention that more of our customers are looking for more personalisation options, particularly for gifts and pyrography is an excellent way to acheive this.

Pyrography goes way back and some amazing work can be done, see examples below!

Pyrography Art
Pyrography Art
Pyrography Art
Pyrography Art

Our Stick Cropping Service

As you will have noticed on the website, we offer a cropping service for all walking sticks with wooden shafts. The crop service is only to make any sticks we sell SHORTER than the length specified online. If you want a stick to be longer, then we would ask one of our skilled handmade stick makers if they could make one for you at the required height.

The crop service is £6 for any number of sticks in the same order and a rubber ferrule is put on the tip (even if the original had a steel ferrule). The cut is made with a simple hacksaw with a fine blade and can be done by the customer if he/she prefers.

If you require a stick to be shortened, you will need to tell us the exact length you want the stick (in centimetres or inches) by entering into the box on the website, not forgetting to tick the little box aswell to add it to the cart.

It is better if you add the actual length required instead of the user’s height so that the perfect stick height is acheived. The height of the user doesn’t tell us if he or she has long or short legs or long or short arms or any other possible variables.

If you are buying a stick as a present for somebody, you might want to consider a height adjustable walking stick instead so that the user can easily adjust it themselves. We don’t have any wooden adjustable canes but we do have a good range of patterned or plain coloured adjustable walking canes.

New! Cut to Size Service for your Walking Stick Purchase

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a crop to size service for any walking stick bought from www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk that has a wooden shaft. Most of our wooden walking sticks are one-piece and are of a standard height; 91 cms or 36 inches. So if you have just lost your favorite walking stick that was just the right height, you can now get a replacement from us at exactly the required height.

Walking Stick Cropping Service
Walking Stick Cropping Service

Please go to www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk to find out more or to place an order.