New Crutch and Walking Stick Holder Now In Stock

A cane holder is such a useful accessory for your walking stick. You no longer need to worry about your cane sliding onto the floor again.
Our new cane/ crutch holder has two hanging functions.
The holder can be used not only on Tables, Countertops, Desks but also Curved Surfaces like the Back Seat of a Chair!
1. Using the short side, you can hang the cane or
crutch on a flat surface, such as a table or a
counter .2. The long side is better suited to, for example,
the back of a chair, a door handle or the side of a
shopping trolley.


Ice Grip Ferrules for Icy Weather

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Snow and ice, wet and muddy, you need an ice grip. This week (until the 2nd February) you can get an ice grip ferrule half price at just £4.37 when you spend at least £20 at

So far the winter in the UK has been mild with lots of rain but no snow and very little ice and the forecast for February sees unsettled and changeable weather so no surprise there!

The ice grip ferrule fits any walking stick with a diameter of no more than 25mm by tightening two small screws. It is very easy to fit. There is a flip-up mechanism on the ferrule which allows the spikes to be moved to point upwards and out of the way when you don’t need them, for example, when you go indoors or when the weather is fine.

These are very handy gadgets. One of our customers buys a stash of them to sell or give away to people she meets who could use an ice grip ferrule.

Buy an ice grip ferrule here
Buy an ice grip ferrule here

New! Walking Stick Mate Gadget

Now here’s a good gadget! The Walking Stick Mate TM is a cool gadget that prevents the stick user from either dropping their stick or leaving it behind somewhere.

Here’s how it works. The blue base has a clip on the back that the wearer clips onto their belt buckle or the top of their trousers/skirt and at the other end is a black velcro strap that wraps around the shaft of your walking stick, just below the handle. In between these two attachments is a string (about 60cm) that extends when you are holding your stick and when you drop it!

We have only just added this to the site and you can buy one directly below. Please let us know how you get on!

Walking Stick Mate Gadget
Walking Stick Mate Gadget


Cane Holders are Back in Stock

Good news, the cane holders are back in stock! Both the white and red cane holders are back in and ready to send. Thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for yours..

These light, soft rubber cane holders are easy to use and are really useful, particularly for securing your walking stick against a table edge to prevent it falling to the floor. I’m sure this will save many sticks from chips and dents or from being left behind somewhere because it was out of sight.

A recent customer conversation:

“I’m 88 next birthday. All I want is that thingo which fits on a stick and prevents it falling off the table. Please don’t launch me into long, twisting cyber corridors; I’m afraid of the dark.”

“Dearest Emily, I am delighted with my w/stick thing-o. Many thanks.”

And another:

“I ordered from you a Cane Holder for the folding walking stick that I purchased from you a few months previously. Finding somewhere to park a stick whilst sitting at a dinner table is somewhat problematic. The Cane Holder worked perfectly. numerous guests approached me and inquired where I had bought the Cane Holder – I hope your sales have improved.” Liz

Cane holder
Cane holder

Time for Ice grips Again!

Yes it’s that time of year again. Icy pavements and puddles, slippery mud and treacherous steps. Well, we stock just the right accessories for you and your walking stick and they both make good gift ideas this Christmas.

For your walking stick we have a spiky metal gadget that you fit on over the tip that can be flipped up when you don’t need it (going indoors for example). We call it the Ice Grip Ferrule and fits most sticks with a diameter of up to one inch. This gadget sells out quickly especially when the very cold weather starts.

And for your person we have ice grips for your shoes. These are a bit like crampons that ice climbers use but with less dramatic spikes! You just need to order your shoe size range and they will fit your shoes. We have full length grips and half sized grips which can be worn with high heeled shoes.

You can also buy replacement spikes or studs so that these robust accessories can be used year after year.

Anyhow that’s enough of my rabbiting, click on any of the links above or next to take a look yourself! Go Shopping for Ice Grips!

New Walking Stick and Umbrella Stands in Stock

Here’s some exciting news! We’ve added some very stylish walking stick / umbrella stands to 

If you have a collection of walking sticks and umbrellas at home then why not buy a nice stand to put them all in and keep the hallway nice and tidy? We have just added some stands made from cast iron, some from wood and a lovely hammered copper stand. All of the stands are robust enough to hold lots of walking canes and/or umbrellas.

As they say, first impressions count, and your hallway gives the first impression when entering your house.  Umbrella/stick stands are just another form of storage along with shelving, coat hooks, shoe racks etc that make a hallway beautiful.

We will be adding some more shortly so please bookmark us if  there is nothing you fancy at the moment.


Banksia Nuts for Walking Stick Handles

The bizarre looking Banksia nut derives from the Banksia Tree, a native of South West Western Australia. The nut is has been used by wood turners to create many different objects, from candle stick holders and coasters to ornaments and vases. One of our handmade walking stick suppliers thought to use it for walking stick handles as the turned nut with all of it’s holes fells nice to grip.

He was correct! We have some in stock here, Banksia Nut Walking Sticks,  and will have some more made for Christmas.

The holes in the nut house the seeds which are removed when turned on a lathe. The nut is very hard so it is easy to work with and if you do a quick Google search you can see the results that can be achieved.

The nut from the tree Banksia Grandis is the best because of its size, growing to between six and 8 inches in length. There are about 70 species of Banksia Tree but the Banksia Grandis only produces the nuts most valued by wood turners the world over. And as our stick maker duly noted, they are just the right size to fit comfortably in the hand on a hiking stick or knobstick.

Banksia Nut Handled Hiking Stick
An example of a hiking stick with a Banksia Nut handle

Care must be taken when working with a Banksia nut as the nut is filled with fine, itchy hairs and lots of seeds. As the nut is turned, these fly out all over the place, so the turner has to wear goggles and a mask.


New Ice Grip Attachment for your Shoes

We have stocked the very popular ice grip attachment for walking sticks for a long time and now we have some for your shoes!

Don’t let ice and snow stop you from leaving the house this winter. We have grips for high heeled shoes, compact grips and grips that cover the heel and toe of your shoes. They are easy to put on and take off, they are lightweight and good value for money.

For a better look and to order a pair today, please click on the following link

Walk icy pavements with confidence with a pair of ice grips for your shoes

New Walking Cane Holders

We have two new cane holders to buy on the website. The last cane holder was difficult to use so we have replaced them with these!

Cane holder

These cane holders can be used for all sticks with a shaft diameter of up to 3/4 inch. These gadgets are really useful as they enable the cane user to lean their stick against a table (even a round table!) without the stick sliding on to the floor. This stops the stick getting damaged and avoids a bit of hassle!

Beat the Cold Weather with an Anti-Slip Ice Grip Attachment

Ice Attachment for Walking Sticks

Yes, you can beat the cold weather and still get out and about without worrying about skidding over on the icy pavements. Try one of our Anti-slip Ice Grip attachments. The device fits on to any size walking stick and provides a superior grip on icy surfaces.

You can buy one directly here or simply add one to the basket when purchases a walking stick from us.