Swarovski Crystal Walking Sticks

We are happy to announce our new Swarovski crystal elements embellishing service on our walking sticks. We can add a design of your choice, some initials, a name or whatever you like to most of the sticks we sell on the website.

Swarovski crystals are 21 sided cut glass crystals that can be glued on to virtually anything. The many facets of each crystal bounce lights and colour wherever you go and they look particularly good in full sunshine or under lights on a night out.

The crystals are cut in various colours and sizes so you can definitely put your own mark on your walking stick.

All crystal work undertaken is priced individually, and depends on the size and colour of crystals, the complexity of the design and how many crystals to be used. Call us today on 0208 123 8042 to discuss your requirements or drop us an email via the website.

We also have 14 Swarovski Crystal Walking Sticks in stock and ready to purchase. Chose from formal, elegant evening canes with crystal encrusted handles or fully “blinged” brass walking sticks that are entirely covered in crystals.

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Made to order and stock crystal walking canes

Whatever you want, we can make.

Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane
Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane