What is a Bishop’s Crozier or Crosier

We were asked if we could make a Bishop’s crozier or crosier (either spelling). I didn’t know what one was so I Googled it and thought I’d add some information here. A crosier is a special kind of shepherd’s crook specifically for Bishops. It symbolises the crook used by shepherds to guide their flock and of the bishop’s role as successor to Christ, the Good Shepherd.

They can be quite simple staffs or very intricate indeed. Please see the images below:

Bishops Crosier
Simple Bishops Crosier
Intricate Bishop Crozier
Intricate Bishop Crozier

A crozier is usually made from wood or metal and can be lavishly decorated with jewels and crosses. It is presented to the bishop at his consecration “so that he may govern and correct those below him or to offer support to the weakest of the weak.”

So it as once used to bring new people into his flock, support the weak and to discipline too. It is held in the left hand, keeping the right hand free to give blessings. Go to Wikipedia to find out everything there is to know..

The crozier is also known as the pastoral staff, from the Latin pastor, shepherd. We don’t supply these but we do sell shepherd’s crooks and market sticks.