New Laminated Orthopaedic Walking Stick

We have just added this new walking stick for sale on the website. The handle is made from layers of turned wood in contrasting shades. The handle is formed into a seamless, super comfortable grip handle for use in the right hand only.

Laminated Wood Walking Stick
Laminated Wood Walking Stick

The handle is mounted on to a wooden shank and can be shortened to any height required.

We have already sold a number of these sticks with excellent reports so far.. Order your new stick today and use promotional code “freepostage” to get free delivery too.

We have also recently added a bamboo hiking stick, lots more unusual handmade sticks, aluminium hiking poles and two new designer Switch Sticks folding sticks for those looking for a very bright and colourful folding stick.

We are always on the look-out for new, interesting or eye-catching sticks to add to the range and we try to add new ones every month. If you make sticks or you would like to suggest some sticks for us to sell, please do get in touch (details on the website below)

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New Patterned Orthopaedic Walking Cane

Our new height adjustable orthopaedic walking cane adds some needed colour and pattern to the range. These handles are becoming very popular as more and more people get to know about them.
They are the most comfortable walking stick handle as they are moulded to shape of your right or left hand. We find that many of our customers buy both the left and the right hand sticks for superior support and balance.

The Fischer handle was designed by the renowned Austrian arthritis specialist, Dr Fischer. Its contoured shape is of great benefit to many sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism and other hand problems because it is easily grasped and it spreads the user’s weight across the palm of the hand. It is very comfortable and fits hands of many sizes. Users who need to hold a walking stick in their hand for long periods often find this style less tiring to use. Available in left and right hand models, the Fischer handle has to be held to appreciate its great value.

So now you don’t have to choose between a pretty patterned stick and a comfortable handled one, you can have both!

We stock Fischer handled sticks with wooden shafts, folding walking sticks and the height adjustable aluminium walking sticks like the new one below. Please click on the image below to take a look at the range.

The New Height Adjustable Fischer Handled Walking Stick
The New Height Adjustable Fischer Handled Walking Stick

New Quad Cane in Stock

This is just a quick post about our new quad walking cane. This brightly coloured quad cane has a floral design on a black background. It is height adjustable, just like the others and replaces the discontinued wood effect quad cane.

Floral Patterned Quad Cane
New! Floral Patterned Quad Cane

A quad cane is self-standing and offers users greater support than traditional wooden walking sticks. The rubber feet on the ends of the rectangular base are replaceable as will be the handles (available to purchase on the site in the next week or so).

New! Offset Walking Sticks and Quad Canes

We have just added some offset and quad canes to the site and now have them all in stock.

Quad canes are really excellent  support canes and they have many features to enhance this. Mainly, they are free standing so they will stay exactly where you leave them (no more bother about picking your stick up from the floor!).  They also have a large handle that is easy and comfortable to grip and there is an easy height adjusting mechanism on the shaft so you can achieve the perfect height stick for you.

Quad Canes

The other type of stick is called an offset cane, so called because of the special shape of the shaft which centres your weight directly over the shaft. This feature makes it a very strong and reliable stick but still being very lightweight.

The offset cane is also known as a swan neck.

Both types of cane are available in bronze, wood effect and a pretty blue Morris pattern.