Spring Choices for Walking Sticks

Spring marks the start of the walking season for ramblers, hikers and hill walkers. For Walking Sticks Online, its the time of year we sell lots of hiking sticks and poles, seat sticks, thumbsticks and other country sticks.

Walking and walking in a group is very good for you. Apart form the obvious health benefits of walking, joining a local group brings the other bonuses of friends and something to do practically everyday of the year, even Christmas and Boxing Day. If you have moved to a new area or you are feeling lonely, join a walking group!

We offer various different sticks to make walking in the country a bit easier and we sell specialised sticks for specific activities.

Aluminium hiking poles are usually bought in pairs and can be adjusted in height to be used like tall Nordic walking poles or short to aid hill climbing. Hiking poles provide balance when walking on flat surfaces, uphill, downhill and making your way across a hill and a whole host of other practical uses while out walking.

Natural Thumb Sticks

Wooden walking poles and thumbsticks provide balance and something to lean on, soon becoming a much loved companion wherever you go.

Wooden Hiking Stick

The other big event in Spring is of course Mother’s Day, with the floral and patterned walking sticks selling like hot cakes!

New Chestnut Hiking Sticks with Carved Motifs

This is a chestnut hiking stick with a carved red stag motif on the handle. £29 plus postage with a combination spike and rubber tip ferrule, leather wrist strap and height of 121cm. These kind of hiking sticks are usually held at about lower chest height.

Labrador Retriever carved motif. This stick will make a great gift for an owner of a Labrador.

A hunter or shooting carved motif adorns this new chestnut hiking pole. £29.

We hope you like these new sticks as much as we do!

Try Nordic Walking With Our New Walking Poles

You must have heard about or seen people Nordic walking somewhere near you?! It’s walking but not as we know it… You use special Nordic walking poles to work the muscles in your upper body as well as in your legs, making it a really good all-round exercise. The poles also give you support so even though it’s more of a work out than regular walking, it doesn’t feel like it as you get extra support and propulsion from the poles.

Nordic walking is pretty big. You can find lots of information, research, how to do it and how to find groups near you on the internet.

The only thing you need are some poles which you can now purchase on the website from us: Buy Nordic Walking Poles Here 

Need more convincing? Read the benefits below:

Benefits to your health and body

Tones the upper and lower body together

Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles

Improves overall fitness and flexibility

Reduces the pressure on the knees and other joints

Great for the Heart and Lungs ( a good cardio-respiratory work-out)

Ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems

Poles propel the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort.


More Benefits!

Can be done anywhere – town or country, hills or no hills!

It appeals to all fitness levels and ages.

No special clothing needed

It’s very sociable;walking groups can be found all over

It is easy to learn and to keep up.

It combines exercise with being out in nature which has been proven to boost one’s general feeling of well-being.

Wooden Hiking Sticks – Not Just a Stick for Walking!


We have been selling walking sticks for almost ten years now and we get a lot of feedback on how our walking sticks are used.
The walking sticks on our website range from smart dress canes and silver plated sticks to rustic thumbsticks and hiking poles.
In a nut shell we are specialist retailer selling all types of sticks and the accessories that go with them.
The kind we do sell a lot of are the wooden hiking sticks and that is what this article is all about. The wooden hiking sticks are also known as staves, staffs or beagling sticks.
These are long (approximately 135 centimetres), straight sticks with a leather strap at the top end that fits over the wrist.
We hear from our customers that they are used for walking with, something to lean on and some surprising other reasons.
Such as beating the ground ahead to flush out snakes when walking through grassland and for use on a hunt.
The “beaters” walk ahead of the group, hitting the ground to disturb the game. This action would make a pheasant take to the skies for example.
Beagling is the hunting of mainly hares and rabbits with Beagle dogs finding the game by scent.
Our wooden hiking sticks have mainly country pursuit applications but one lovely customer said he uses his for support in general as he has a bad back. This customer bought a handmade hiking stick
which are my favourites. The handmade sticks are made to last a lifetime at least, each stick is different and all of the parts are sourced and made locally from British materials.
The stick maker who makes these has a passion for his craft and does the job very well indeed.
We also sell a nice hiking stick called a camera monopod. This stick has a screw at the top which any camera or video camcorder can be attached to, giving the operator a balance.

So have a look at the range today and see if there is something you like.

A list of the benefits of using hiking sticks or poles

The Health Benefits of Using Hiking Sticks or Poles for Walking

1. Improve your endurance by spreading some of the weight to your arms. Better workout.
2. Better balance by keeping you from falling.
3. Can take much weight off your legs when climbing. Gives you an extra boost.
4. Provides much better support when descending. Much safer.
5. Increase your stride and hiking speed with arm power.
6. Reduces stress on knee and hip joints.
7. Helps relieve chronic knee joint pain.
8. Something to whittle when you’re resting.
9. Use like a cane if you get injured.
10. Push weeds out of you path to reduce exposure to ticks.
11. Whack dead twigs off trees to clear your way.
12. Clear spider webs from the trail ahead.
13. Defend yourself against dogs, snakes, other animals or people, if the need arises.
14. Use as a tracking stick.
15. Reach high to knock fruit out of trees or vines.
16. Use as a monopod to stabilize your camera or binoculars – or rifle.
17. Clear sticks, branches and other stuff off the trails.
18. Lend a hand (stick) to help companions cross difficult areas.
19. Poke stuff you don’t want to get your fingers near (big insect, half-dead animal).
20. Retrieving things out of reach or in the water.
21. Something to lean on when you stop for a breather.
22. Make noise to let the bears know you’re coming.
23. A stick to poke your camp-fire.
24. Tie on your bandana to waive as a signal.
25. Test mud and puddles for depth.
26. To part thick bushes or grass obscuring the trail.
27. And, or course, to whack your little brother or companions when they step out of line.

You can buy hiking pole and wooden hiking sticks on our website. Please click on the image below to have a browse.

Hiking Sticks and Poles from Emilyhannah Ltd
Hiking Sticks and Poles from Emilyhannah Ltd

Reasons to buy a pair of hiking poles

Off on a walking holiday this winter? Here are a few reasons to invest in a set of hiking poles…
1.They help retain balance on uneven ground.
2.Help to reduce tired legs.
3.Increase speed as they provide extra power
4.Reduce strain on your knees and joints.

We have a varied selection to choose from whether you want to go for the sporty look or you may prefer the more traditional wooden look.
Prices start at as little as £18.00 for one or £31.00 for a pair. Please visit this page on our website to view the full range, if you want to be the first to reach the summit:)


New Hiking Poles

We have added a few more hiking poles to the range, including the very sought-after Leki poles.  We have added; a floral, green, red, a cork handled green hiker and the Leki poles. All of the new hiking sticks are lightweight, have a shiny metallic finish, are height adjustable and have comfortable handles, wrist straps and two different tips.

Prices start at £18 or £31 for a pair.

Our lightweight hiking poles are perfect for country walkers, but are also ideal for people who need a walking stick but who don’t want to buy a walking stick! Please click on the following link to have a browse through the new hiking sticks (and the original range too)