A 3 Part Bishop’s Crozier Handmade by Us


This special crook was made to order for the bishop in the picture. The crook unscrews into three sections for easy transport. Each section has a brass fitting and looks very impressive. The wooden shank is a striking mountain ash with an interesting pattern and coloured bark.

This is one of our favorite parts of our work; making one-of-a-kind walking sticks for special people of purposes.

Interesting Twisty Hazel Walking Sticks

Twisty Handmade Sticks
Twisty Handmade Sticks

Twisty hazel walking sticks look absolutely great don’t they? The twist is caused by a honeysuckle plant growing with and around the hazel tree, producing this gorgeous natural twist. It is rare to find sticks with a twist along the whole section so when they are found in the woods, hedgerows and thickets in the countryside, they are cut quickly and taken inside to dry.

The natural twist is very comfortable to hold as the curve of the thumb fits nicely along the twist. For this reason twisted sticks are often chopped into smaller sections to make handles instead of shanks.

Hazel is most often the only wood soft enough to be affected in this way by the honeysuckle. Sometimes, other things will cause a twist in other harder woods such as a piece of wire or a part of some fencing forgotten in a hedge and wrapped around a growing shoot. However it is caused, it takes nature a few years to create these lovely looking sticks and if you buy a good quality one that has been dried and straightened properly, it will last you at least a lifetime of use.

Come and see our latest range of handmade sticks online.

Order a Hand Carved Walking Stick for Christmas

Our very talented stick maker (Peter) is now taking commissions for his hand carved sticks in time for Christmas. You can choose from the selection on the website or you can send in some photos of your pet for him to copy.

Take a look at the range here: Hand Carved Examples

Hand Carved Mute Swan Stick Topper
Hand Carved Mute Swan Stick Topper

Work typically takes 4 to 6 weeks during the year, but as the orders multiply for Christmas, it’s best to get your order in early. Each stick topper is hand carved from a block of wood and then painted by hand to a beautiful finish.

In fact, the whole stick is handmade from start to finish. The wood for the shank is selected and cut locally and then it is dried (seasoned) for two to three years and then steam straightened.

The shank is finished with oil, cut to the desired height and finished with a brass ferrule. The handle is attached to the pole with a steel insert making it very strong and robust.

A  hand carved walking stick is not only beautiful but it is made to be used as well. You will get years and years of use out of one of these sticks. They make excellent gifts.

For bespoke requests, the stick maker asks that you send in 4 photographs of your pet (1 from the front, 2 profile pictures and 1 from the back) to get a perfect likeness. We can also add an engraved collar to make the gift even more personalized.

Get in touch today and see what we can do for you!

Hand Carved Walking Stick – Oscar the Dog

Just to continue my previous post about hand carved walking sticks, Oscar the dog has now been finished and was shipped off to the customer this morning. The walking stick looks amazing. It is a tall rich coloured chestnut shank with spike ferrule, a high quality leather lanyard, an engraved brass collar and a stunning hand carved wooden handle.

Hand Carved Chestnut Walking Stick
Hand Carved Chestnut Walking Stick

If you would like your own design hand carved walking stick, please contact us and we will get it made for you. Work typically takes between four and six weeks, sometimes longer (such as the run up to Christmas).

The stick maker in Cambridge who does the work is a retired policeman and engineer and likes to do things properly. The carving work takes a very long time, but the results are wonderful.

To see some more examples of the kind of hand carved sticks we sell, click on the following link:

Hand carved walking sticks – current and previous

Come and See our Latest Handmade Sticks

We have just bought in another lovely batch of handmade walking sticks for your perusal. Most of them feature twisty hazel shanks or handles, making them very rare and special indeed. The “twist” occurs as the honey suckle plant grows around and around the hazel tree and as they grow up together, a beautiful natural twist is produced in the hazel.

The twist part makes a great handle as it is very comfortable to hold in either hand. The wood used to make these sticks is grown, dried, seasoned and straightened locally (East Anglia) and every other part of the stick is hand turned or handmade.

Click on the image below to take a look…

Handmade Sticks Selection
Handmade Sticks Selection

This batch also includes one of the thumbsticks with a pointy antler handle. These handles are also a rarity. Out of each red deer antler you can usually cut three handles; a crown handle, a thumbstick handle and a plain handle, that is as long as the antler is the correct size. Finding a pointy tipped thumbstick handle that you don’t need to cap with wood or horn and the base will fit nicely on to a shank is probably about 1 in 100, probably more.

We have got to know more than we thought was possible about stick making and the raw materials used and with something natural like deer antlers, each antler is different.

We do also buy the raw materials for stick making so if you can supply antler, horn or metal ferrules and collars, please get in touch.

New Handmade Antler Handled Sticks Just In

Stick collectors listen up! Check out these beauties! We have just taken stock of this beautiful selection of sticks completely handmade from local materials by a local stick maker.

Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.
Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.

The shanks are mostly twisty English hazel, all rare and special and some have the strangulating honeysuckle bonded in as well. The honeysuckle is the reason why the hazel shoots grew with a twist as the two plants grew together. This creates a really lovely and individual effect that is hard to find.

One stick has a blackthorn shank, again rare to find again very beautiful to behold. The colours on the blackthorn are deep, rich reds that contrast beautifully with the red deer antler handle.

Now to the handles. They are made with a part of the red deer antler known as the “antler roll”. The roll is usually used to make an upright handle for a hiking or beagling staff but this time it has been used in a horizontal position to make a cross head or T – shaped handle.

The handle and the shank both have steel rods inside to give superior strength and as usual with the handmade sticks, the shanks have been stored and dried for two years and then steam straightened. The antler handles have wooden caps on both ends. Some have English Oak, some Walnut and some Laburnum. The Laburnum is the most amazing I find. This poisonous wood has been cut, turned and polished so beautifully that ,with it’s gold and brown stripes, it resembles Tiger’s Eye stone.

These sticks are very beautiful, made very well and are both lightweight and strong. Snap one up today as there are only 8!

Lovely New Handmade Walking Sticks Have Just Arrived

We have just added another selection of handmade walking sticks to the website for Christmas. If you are looking for a walking stick as a gift for somebody this Christmas then a handmade stick is just the ticket.

As usual, this selection have all been handmade, hand-turned and hand carved to perfection and are made to last several lifetimes. We have got some unusual woods this time, including London Plane, Hawthorn, Silver Birch and twisted Birch.

There are 3 extra tall sticks for the taller person and the thumbsticks are tall too.

My favourite stick is pictured below. It’s a twisty ash stick with a twisty ash handle which in itself is a rare thing as twisty wood is becoming harder and harder to find. This stick is enormous and just screams out in Gandalf’s voice, “You shall not pass!” as it is thumped down on the ground, fantastic!

The handle unscrews at the hand turned huge brass collar to reveal a secret compartment inside the handle. This is the perfect size for keys, a whistle or money.

A Beautiful Twisty Ash Extra Tall Walking Stick
A Beautiful Twisty Ash Extra Tall Walking Stick

My other favorite is the silver birch handled stick below. The handle is in fact burred silver birch which has been hand turned on a lathe and is a wood turner’s delight. The handle is mounted on to a beautiful piece of English hawthorn which has a lovely, rich red colour.

Hawthorn Walking Stick with Silver Birch Hand Turned Handle
Hawthorn Walking Stick with Silver Birch Hand Turned Handle

The love, care, attention, time and brilliant workmanship are all evident in every one of the handmade walking sticks in this selection and they will all make perfect gifts that won’t disappoint. Click on any of the pictures above to go and take a look!


Handmade Thumbstick with Antler Handle & Whistle

Great news! We have just taken stock of lots of handmade thumbsticks with deer antler handles with inbuilt whistles. These sticks are very popular amongst dog walkers and country walkers and they make really lovely presents.

The whistle is hand carved out of one of the points of the deer antler handle. This means you don’t need to take a whistle out with you separately for calling your dog, as it is part of your stick!

Order yours today by clicking on the image below. You can order one using your debit or credit card online, via Amazon or Paypal account, by sending us a cheque or by calling 0208 123 8042. We look forward to your call, comments and/or order!

Handmade Thumbstick with Antler Handle & Whistle
Handmade Thumbstick with Antler Handle & Whistle

New Handmade Walking Sticks Just In

Come and see our beautiful new handmade walking sticks on the website. These sticks are all one-of-a-kind, exceptional walking sticks that you simply will not see again. So hurry and come and have a look for Christmas. Our handmade selection make fabulous Christmas presents as they are really special.

This time we have got some fabulous twisty ash, hazel and blackthorn sticks and some great buffalo handles. The twisty shanks are very rare to find and especially the full length twisters. The twist is produced by the ivy or honeysuckle growing around the tree and causing the tree to twist. This is a lovely effect and can only be produced by time, nature and luck.

The twisty handles are very comfortable to hold as the thumb and fingers curl around with the twist. So they don’t just look great, they feel great too!

These handmade sticks are all made locally in Cambridge from local materials (apart from the buffalo horn) by an engineer and stick making hobbyist. Click on the examples below to browse the complete range of handmade walking sticks.

Twisty Ash Stick with Buffalo Horn Handle
Twisty Ash Stick with Buffalo Horn Handle
Walnut Capped Crown Antler Walking Stick on a Twisty hazel Shank
Walnut Capped Crown Antler Walking Stick on a Twisty hazel Shank


Twisty Handle Hiking Stick
Twisty Handle Hiking Stick

Amazing New Handmade Walking Sticks – Just Arrived

We have got some fabulous new handmade walking sticks that will blow your socks off! Click the following link to take a look HANDMADE WALKING STICKS

handmade one-of-a-kind walking sticks
Handmade One-of-a-Kind Walking Sticks

Some of these new sticks are true one-of-a-kind, beautiful sticks that will last, not just a lifetime but several. All the sticks are seasoned and straightened and the materials used are all British (except the buffalo horn!). The full twisty sticks are very rare and hard to find and when a stick maker comes across such a stick, it is snapped up straight away!

Along with the new sticks we also have a new stick maker to work with so if you have a project in mind then please contact us as chances are he can make it for you.

All parts of these sticks have been handmade, including the turned brass collars and ferrules which have all been seamlessly fitted together to produce real works of art.

Two or three of them nearly ended up in my collection but I resisted and added them onto the site.